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HouSheng Phnom Penh Eye Clinic is located in diamond Island, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with a building area of nearly 3000 square meters. The open bed is 30 single beds for your stay to in a clean and comfortable, which makes your recovery faster.
The hospital has the most advanced medical technology, the most high-end medical equipment and the best medical services. We are committed to being The best eye hospital in Cambodia and also in Southeast Asia.

We will employ the world’s most famous ophthalmologists to provide the following medical services for patients on a regular basis: Children’s and oblique amblyopia diseases, Vitreoretinal diseases, Eye beauty and plastic surgery, Cataracts and lens diseases, Ocular surface diseases, Orbital and Eye tumor diseases, Glaucoma and Optic Nerve diseases.
Professor Zhao


Prof. Dr. Zhao Peiguan is council member of APVRS, member of ICO Task Force on Diabetic Eye Care and international member of ASRS, Macula society and candidate of Club Jules Gonin. He is also Board Member of Chinese Ophthalmological Society (COS), and Vice Chief of Ophthalmology Group Shanghai Society of COS.


Prof. Dr. Zhao Peiguan, founder of Hosheng Phnom Phnom Penh Eye Clinic, was awarded 2015 Excellent Leader of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, 2016 APAO Distinguished Service Award, State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2nd), Shanghai Leading Talent and 2018 ASRS Film Festival Top 10 Rhett Buckler Award.


" We are professional creators of positive changes in the development of eye health, and we are working together to gain the trust of our compassionate patients"


"We provide patient-centered medical services with excellent quality, safety and comfort"


"`We are compassionately committed to seeking the most reliable and high-impact research professional team to take care of patients’ eye health"


Doctor of Ophthalmologist and Nurse