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Free Eye Check-Up HouSheng Phnom Penh Clinic

Excessive use of mobile phones and its Harmful effects on students' health; especially on the eye. All the side effects due to excessive use of mobile phones and its ill effects can cause myopia (short-sightedness) to students overtime on mobile screens.

We’re excited to announce the promotion of 100% FREE Eye Exam and General Eye Examination to all students in Cambodia.

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Tel : 010 228 218 | 092 128 218 Address: #B2-090, Street Diamond Island (Koh Pich), Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.

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The visual function is one of the very important sensory functions of the human body, and 80% of the information obtained from the outside world is realized by the eyes. 0-6 years old is a critical period for children's vision development. Eye diseases in childhood are very harmful to children's vision development. This stage of eye development has a decisive impact on children's life. If many eye diseases cannot be detected and treated in a timely manner, it will cause a permanent disability of the eyes.


Protect your eyes with our doctors

The Center will employ the world’s most famous ophthalmologists to provide the following medical services for patients on a regular basis: Children’s and oblique amblyopia diseases, Vitreoretinal diseases, Eye beauty and plastic surgery, Cataracts and lens diseases, Ocular surface diseases, Orbital and Eye tumor diseases, Glaucoma and Optic Nerve diseases.

We provide patient-centric medical services with outstanding quality, safety, and comfort. As the most advanced eye care professional with innovative and reliable technology, we are setting a promising standard of care for patients' eye health. Through national and international qualification certification and cooperation, we are compassionate and committed to pursuing the most reliable high-impact research professional team to take care of patients' eye health. We treat the health of patients and family members with professionalism, ethics, and integrity.